Victor Pashchenko: The road to Europe for us is closed

"The road to Europe is closed at least until the presidential election – analyst Victor Pashchenko summed up the results of parliamentary elections. – Europe will wind up virtually all major activities on cooperation with Ukraine. At the present moment the Western world is no longer interested in us and the country may go to the post-Soviet space."

The reasons, according to the political scientist, are numerous – first, political persecutions, and the election law, which sent Ukraine back into the distant past through the return of the majoritarian system in its most flawed form and strange formation of constituencies.

In addition, the political scientist believes, that opposition should be blamed in this situation. "With all the abuses of power, we have to admit that there is no serious opposition in Ukraine. Including Transcarpathia. Candidates – majority electees could not agree among themselves, and opposition parties could not do anything in terms of protection or work organization either. Conclusion: elections not only did nothing for the development of Ukraine, they returned Ukraine a few years back. This will also affect the economic development. I think we will soon see devaluation of the hryvnia, and the outflow of investments" – sums up Victor Pashchenko.

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