Victor Baloha: “The law of libel automatically makes each journalist a criminal”

"Journalists now have to struggle for the right for their profession. The law of libel automatically makes each of them a potential criminal. Tell me, who then wants to work in the media? Only kamikaze" – the politician said on his page in Facebook.

"Deputies must hear journalists who came to the protest. They certainly are not Afghanistan warriors and not Chernobyl disaster liquidators to storm the parliament, but they are the fourth power, which must be respected. Otherwise we have no right to call Ukraine a state that claims to be called democratic.

Recent events show that intimidation and beatings of journalists, for some reason, became the norm. If we add also the law of libel, then in a very short time journalism in Ukraine will disappear. And it will be replaced with soviet propaganda that will tell about how "we are moving towards a bright future in the family of fraternal peoples."

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