Victor Baloha suggests to install meters at the expebse of gas suppliers

The leader of the "United Center", MP of Ukraine Victor Baloha submitted to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine the draft law "On amending certain laws of Ukraine regarding the terms and procedure of acquisition, installation and maintenance of gas meters for the population at the expense of gas suppliers."
It proposes to legally oblige to install gas meters already in 2013 instead of 2018. This should be performed by the gas distribution companies, whose owners have privatized national property and now being a monopoly, without investing money in the construction of these distribution networks, dictate the terms for both individual citizens and whole communities.
The innovation will reduce payments for utilities by 30-50 percent, because providers significantly overstate the bills to ordinary citizens who do not use meters. The draft also proposes to ban setting different retail prices for natural gas for customers with and without meters.
If the law is adopted, it will increase the citizens’ real income, which can be spent on their priority needs, also it will boost the development of national producer of measuring instruments, reduce government spending on subsidies to gas distribution companies, which will allow to allocate the released funds to important infrastructural facilities.

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