Victims of road accident in Russia are treated in Uzhgorod

Eight Transcarpathian migrant workers that on August 1 got in an accident in the Russian city of Pskov were born with the caul – said doctors. All Ukrainian in the passenger car remained alive after the frontal collision with a minibus and their injuries are not currently caused serious concerns. Yesterday all the victims were taken to Uzhgorod, where they will continue treatment.


The youngest participant of the terrible accident Vasyl Lypchei is only 17. The guy was lucky the most, he got only easy injuries. The boy was sitting next to the driver in the van and saw collision on his own eyes.

‘I saw how gray color Mitsubishi came from the hill. The car was taken down the road the driver tried to hold it and turned on the opposite side. And there we were – said Vasyl, who has dissected forehead, injured leg and multiple bruises on the body – at first it hit us from the right side, then with its back part and then our bus was thrown in the direction of the forest.

Vasyl will go home on Monday already, but his friend Yuriy Haborets may stay in hospital.


Transcarpathian doctors are grateful to colleagues from the Russian province. All the patients received the first medical aid.


We remind that the accident happened on Wednesday at about 8:00 p.m. of Moscow time. A "Mitsubishi" driver with St. Petersburg license plate crashed into the bus. The hit was so bad that he was thrown out from the car. The driver died on the spot. Four Ukrainians are in serious condition.

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