Vegetarian horror is coming to Uzhgorod BBQ-fest

This year’s BBQ-fest Food Festival will be held at Poshtova Square in Uzhgorod on August 25-26. Today, August 16, festival managment shared what’s in store for the guests of the event.
In particular, Olexandr Meryavchyk said: "All our partners have confirmed their intentions. We can confidently say that the BBQ-fest will take place as it was previously announced. Uzhgorod citizens, city guests and tourists may see cooking competitions and taste food cooked on fire, so we really welcome and expect a lot of visitors."

Bull-calf grilled on a spit still remains as a symbol of the festival. Specifically, this years two calf will be roasted in this manner as well as piglets. Grilled quails and rabbits are going to be a special thrill of this year’s festival. BBQ-fest partners will provide meat cows of Hungarian gray breed, grill meat and cook goulash. 

We will also prepare authentic American burgers. Trout and ears will be roasted on a grill. Vegetarians will also find some delicious meals. Probably they will not feel very comfortable looking at the bulls on spit. However, if they survive with their feelings, they may also expect some yummy dishes,"- added Meryavchyk.

Igor Krivosheev who is responsible for the entertainment on the festival promised that apart from the joy for a belly there is to be a lot of fun. In particular great Uzhgorod race will take place. "They will have little in common with the sports, but keen-witted people can get a heaps of gifts," – said Igor. – "There will be a burger eating competition. Vegetarians may compete in eating onions. We invented a new service format called "beat the queue". All tables will be provided with flyers "I want beer". If you raise one – you will get the beer"
Uzhgorod Jazz Band and Hutsul Calypso will entertain fest visitors with cute music on the first day . On the second day visitors may hear a band from Kyiv "Visavi limits" 
Traditional lottery will be held among the guests. The main prize – a trip for two from our travel partner. 

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