VAT Certificate will be issued via the Internet

The head of the State Tax Service Oleksandr Klymenko said that the procedure for obtaining VAT certificate will be fully electronic.

According to him, the new service is being tested.

 "Today we are beta testing the procedure for filing registration applications by VAT payers and obtaining a VAT certificate electronically. This is a revolutionary event that will not only speed up the process of certificate issuance, but also completely remove the human element from the process and, therefore, the risks of any corruption," – said the head of the tax service.

According to the press service of the STS, in order to obtain a certificate the tax payer will need only to have access to the Internet. And it will not be necessary to visit the tax office, as before.

"This service will reduce overhead costs and save the taxpayer a lot of time previously spent on personal visits to tax office". 

Earlier it was reported that the State Tax Service of Ukraine notes the rapid growth of new payers of VAT; compared with last year, this tax will be paid by 54% more entities.

In July the number of payers of value added tax (VAT), who send tax statements via the internet, increased compared to the previous year by 1.7 times.

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