Vasyl Hnatkiv believes that the dismantling of his advertising boards near the “Ukraine” is a political revenge

Today, September 5, while discussing the protest of the Prosecutor Ivan Shtefanyuk, in front of the members of the executive committee of Uzhgorod City Council spoke the city deputy Vasyl Hnatkiv, who is the owner of the "White Leopard" company and partly dismantled "advertising board" at the intersection of Svoboda Avenue, and Shvabska and Mynaiska streets.

Vasyl Hnatkiv noted that he believes that the decision of the Executive Committee to cancel the permission for advertising near "Ukraine" was politically motivated and related to opaque selling of the "Crown" complex. He accused the Department of Municipal Economy that he had not been warned about the problems with permits and the possible dismantling of billboards. 

Instead, Deputy Mayor Volodymyr Belyakov said that he personally had told Hnatkiv that he needs to obtain permits.   

In the end the Prosecutor Ivan Shtefanyuk reminded that members of the executive committee should vote, if they would cancel their previous decision or not. Only 5 members of the executive committee voted "pro", 8 – abstained, thus leaving the decision in effect.

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