Vashchuk “compromised”, vice-rectors withdrew claims from the court

Rector of TSU and, concurrently, acting rector of UzhNU Fedir Vashchuk was forced to compromise with the former vice-rectors Oleksandr Slyvka and Igor Studenyak. This information was received from a source in the Rectorate of Uzhgorod National University.

On May 22, Uzhgorod District Court registered claims of former vice-rectors of Uzhgorod National University Oleksandr Slyvka and Igor Studenyak for invalidation and cancellation of the orders of SHEE "Uzhgorod National University" № 120/01-04 and № 121/01-04, and reinstatement of the occupied posts. Actually, according to a source in the administration, it is the threat of legal proceedings that forced Fedir Vashchuk to compromise. As a result, according to the agreements, F.Vashchuk canceled the above mentioned orders on dismissal, and October 24 O.Slyvka and I.Studenyak were reinstated as vice-rectors. Then they wrote a statement of resignation and secured positions of heads of departments – the Department of Optics and Department of Applied Physics of the Faculty of Physics of UzhNU respectively.

Then, O.Slyvka and I.Studenyak withdrew their claims from the court.

Obviously, Fedir Vashchuk is trying to gain sympathy of UzhNU team and resolve major conflicts to improve his chances to receive the position of rector of the Uzhgorod National University (UzhNU) in the competition, announced by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of Ukraine.

Source: Zakarpattya online

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