Vartsaba’s reply to relatives of the victims of the accident with Nahirny (DOCUMENT)

We obtained the letter of response to the request of the relatives of those killed in the accident near Khust involving Pavlo Nahirny to assess the actions of police officers on the night of the accident. They appealed to the head of the regional Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Vasyl Vartsaba during his personal reception of citizens in Khust. The chief policeman of the region promised them to conduct an official investigation. Then, at a press conference in Uzhgorod, he reiterated: the guilty will be punished.

In fact, as can be seen from the document, nobody was really punished. Because how can a vague and imprecise "disciplinary action" be considered a punishment for helping a murderer?  

In addition, the letter does not specify any names of police officers who were "punished". Only the positions of three policemen who were "warned of incomplete compliance with the office." One can only guess what that means.  

In short, the police replied with a run-around. And that is exactly what Victor Pryhara asked them not to do. In his comment to he said: "I asked him to give some concrete results. For whereever I have appled, I have received empty run-arounds where they for the tenth time simply retell what happened. And I know it all very well, and not only I, but also almost all Khust district."


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