Vandals drew on the monument of Augustyn Voloshyn in Uzhgorod

Offensive graffiti are made ​​with black marker, some of them – with the use of foul language.

Vandals drew at the part of the pedestal, coloured the word "President" with a marker, as well as the document, which Augustin Voloshin "is holding" in his hands.

This is not the first case of damage to the monuments in the regional center. However, despite the fact that the bad words appeared some time ago, the services in charge react to this fact at the same speed as in the case of damage to other monuments in Uzhgorod.

Not noticing the inscriptions, people, strolling next to the river get photographed at the monument.

As it is known, Augustyn Voloshyn was an outstanding statesman, a social, political, cultural and religious figure. In 2002 Augustyn Voloshyn was posthumously awarded the title "Hero of Ukraine".


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