UzNU is introducing innovative methods of training potential students

To view lectures live and study remotely – recently, the students of the UzhNU preparatory courses received this opportunity. The goal of the educational project is to prepare for the EIT those entrants who are not able to attend the university in person. Thus, students can view lectures, ask questions to the teacher, receive tasks and materials for preparation for the EIT in real time.

Currently, lectures on Ukrainian language, literature, foreign language, mathematics and history of Ukraine are online. If there are people interested in additional subjects for preparation for the EIT, groups of listeners will be formed and courses on these subjects will be launched.

In order to enroll for online classes, students should call the preparatory course +380505531824, provide information about themselves and the list of classes they wants to attend. "The price of one class is the same as for a cup of coffee, but student does not have to go to Uzhgorod, spend time and money," – Igor Korol, the vice-rector of UzhNU for scientific and pedagogical work says.

Students, who get enrolled in the courses, are accepted to the closed group on facebook, have the opportunity to view lectures, materials, presentations of lectures, receive homework, communicate with the teacher. In the future, lectures may be broadcast online on other web platforms.

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