UzhNU wants to Europe and abandons paper books

As the Rector of UzhNU Fedir Vashchuk told today at the news conference, the university has three priorities of development.

Those are an in-depth study of foreign languages ​​in all specialties and throughout all periods of learning, the concept of learning English, German, etc., may be like in the KNU, where they are now studying the experience.

Next, mastering of information technology by each graduate. It also includes the reorientation of the library – the Rector says it should not be a repository of books but rather an information center, which includes the possibility of ordering books online. Vashchuk said that they were organizing the cooperation with the Vernadsky National Library, which has a good stock of electronic books. "Why should we spend money on paper?  Sooner or later we will abandon it. It is already being done in the U.S., where first-graders do not have textbooks anymore – as decided at the federal level," – the rector said. He continued, "The third brand is 100% use of the location, expanding international relations. Soon we will open 4 branches of the university abroad. Yesterday, we received a proposal to open another – dental – branch in Presov. Without international recognition, the institution has no future. By the way, we present Ukraine in all international relations of all higher education and science of Ukraine in the Danube basin, that is in Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Slovenia, Czech Republic."

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