UzhNU ‘Socials’ celebrated 6th anniversary

Recently, the Faculty of Social Sciences of Uzhgorod National University celebrated the 6th anniversary of the foundation. They celebrated it in a puppet theater ‘Bavka’. First Yuri Ostapets, the dean, addressed to fellow teachers and students. The best students were awarded with the rector’s certificates of merit.


After the official part in which students of the Faculty – Rudyy Ivan, Tetiana Turani, Yevheniya Palag and invited guests took part, there started a concert program with the participation of modern dance studio ‘Blits’, the KVN team ‘Tyap-lyap’, Erdeli Vira etc.


However the main intrigue was ‘The best student of the Social Science Faculty-2012’ competition with participation of 6 students-activists of different faculty specialties – Karabynyosh Iryna (4th year, special. ‘Sociology’), Yuriy Kobal (4th year, special. ‘Psychology’), Fenynec Halyna (2nd year, special. ‘Politics’), Martynyuk Roman (3rd year, special. ‘Politicks’), Yankovych Mykhailo (4th year, special. ‘Social work’), Vynnyk Larysa (3rd year, special. ‘Psycology’).


The members of the jury – Volodymyr Smolanka, the Director of Regional Center of Neurosurgery and Neurology, Kateryna Hyrya duties performing Director of ANVK number 2, Lyudmyla Fedyo Deputy ANVK number 2 Director and public figure Vasyl Ravlyk – assessed intelligence, creativity and even the participants’ videos.


Vladimir Smolanka expressed his gratitude to the faculty for the invitation, he said that he got a great pleasure from the concert and wished them to enjoy every minute of the university years because they are the best and announced the competition winners. They are Kobal Yuriy and Karabynyosh Iryna whom he awarded with cash prizes. The second and third place participants also received valuable prizes. But the most important is that all of them were left with unforgettable impressions!     


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