UzhNU signed a contract with the university of Vysochyna

The Delegation of Uzhgorod National University, with a membership of the provost of UzhNU Fedor Shandor and the Dean of the Faculty of International Relations Nikolai Palinchak handed an official cooperation agreement between UzhNU and Polytechnic University of the region Vysochyna in Jihlava.

Negotiation about the intentions of cooperation between the two leading universities began in 2011, when a delegation of the region Vysochyna which is in the Czech Republic came to Transcarpathia with the official visit for a few days.
After the legal paperwork a delegation headed by the provost of UzhNU assoc. F.Shandor and the Dean of the Faculty of International Relations assoc. N.Palinchak arrived to the city of Jihlava, April 7, 2012 to present a formal agreement between the universities of Transcarpathia and Vysochyna. The Czech delegation was composed of Jakub Novotny, the rector of the Polytechnic University of Vysochyna region in Jihlava, Zdenek Kadlec, the head of the Regional Administration in Vysochyna, Josef Nedved ,a member of the charity fund «ViZa», Vasiliy Samandrula, a coordinator of the charity fund «ViZa», Katerzhyna Nedvedova, the head office of hetman of Vysochyna region, as well as representatives of the Municipality of Jihlava and the Department of Education of Vysochyna region.

During the procedure of awarding the representatives of both universities determined that close cooperation will include training professionals in the field of tourism, engineering and medicine. In particular, the practical training of students of medical faculty of UzhNU on the basis of the clinics of Czech cities, participation in the work of the Summer School of Journalism in Jihlava, conducting professional training of students of social work in Vysochyna region, the organization of a joint international tourism and the creation of new tourist routes. Also several joint practical projects with the Faculty of International Relations of UzhNU are planned, as well as implementation of energy-saving technologies in buildings of the university.
It should be noted that Uzhgorod National University has always paid great attention to international cooperation, and now UzhNU liaises with more than 60 universities in Europe, Asia, the USA and Australia.

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