UzhNU is on demonstration again

Today, April 9, on the square Narodna the students and staff of UzhNU went out for a demonstration. They asked the Transcarpathian Regional Council and the regional administration to re-apply to the Cabinet of Ministers about the cancellation of the order № 760-p ‘Some issues of the reorganization of higher education establishments’, which refers to the reorganization of the Transcarpathian universities. This order has been hanging over the ‘Uzhgorod National University’ like the sword of Damocles for almost a year.

Please note that such a petition has been sent to the region’s leaders more than a month ago, when the first wave of Uzhgorod protests took place, but the Cabinet did not support it for some reason.
At today’s strike there were about 500 students and members of the staff of UzhNU. A novelty of this protest was the presence of a large group of teachers, but the preparation was worse: there were less banners, there were no T-shirts with the words ‘I love UzhNU’ at all, and the great march of a column for some reason did not take place.

Vice-rector on scientific and pedagogical work Alexander G. Slyvka explained the today’s demonstration by the fact that an agreement with the rector of the university is over, so the Minister of Education, Youth and Sports may appoint a ‘deputy rector’ out of the people who approves the merger. Theoretically, the newly appointed deputy rector may sign an order on the merger of universities. For this reason, the primary matter is the cancellation of the order № 760-p.

 ‘The leaders of the region pledged to support our initiative and will resend the petition to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine to cancel this order,’ – said Alexandr Slyvka.
Many people are simply outraged by the situation in Transcarpathian higher education. ‘Universities mustn’t be equated. The requirements for students are completely different in them and universities already have their own history. To cross it all out now? It is necessary to save ‘Uzhgorod National University,’ because you cannot squander what has been ecquired over the years. My heart aches when I see how they play with these universities,’- says Anna Ignatyevna 1958 UzhDU graduated.


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