UzhNU expects nearly 10 000 application for all the specialties this year

This year, the EIT was passed by nearly 60% of graduates, which are nearly 5.5 thousand people. 1500 persons who passed tests again are added to this number of entrants. According to Andriy Horvat, executive secretary of UzhNU selection committee, experience shows that re-testing only in rare cases becomes the best.

According to statistics nearly 10% of all the entrants do not submit documents for accession or they prepare to enter beyond the region. 10% receive unsatisfactory evaluation.

140 points innovation from main subjects became a problem for 25% of entrants. Therefore, the number of entrants who will be able to join Uzhgorod National University reduced to 3-4 thousand people. This year UzhNU expects nearly 10,000 applications for all the specialties. A lot of graduates from other regions apply to our universities. The majority of applications were received from Lviv, Ternopil and Volyn regions. This situation can be explained by the fact that Uzhgorod National University set lower fees and the number of budget places much greater there.

As for the electronic form of registration to the university only 170 people used it.

3240 applications were filed for full-time education and 355 for part-time. Licensed number of places for full-time are 2530 and 1,500 part-time.

The most applications are submitted for specialties of ‘Medicine’ – 321 applications, ‘Law’ – 216, ‘Dentistry’ – 175, ‘Biology’ -169 and ‘International Relations’ -158.

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