UzhNU Acting Rector is illegally holding in office Acting Dean of Historic Faculty

UzhNU Acting Rector Vitaly Nikolaychuk is illegally holding in office the Acting Dean of Historic Faculty Vladimir Fenich.

On April 17, 2012 the deanery term of the Dean of Historic Faculty at Uzhgorod National University (UzhNU) Vladimir Fenich expired. According to the Statute of Uzhgorod National University, within one month the head of the university was to announce a competition for the post of a dean and create a commission of competition. A month passed on May 17 and the competition has not yet been announced.

This is one more direct violation by UzhNU Acting Rector Vitaliy Nikolaichuk of University Statute, approved by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of Ukraine.

We remind that after the expiration of V.Fenich’s deanery term, a current at that time rector A. Slivka appointed Nadiya Keretsman as Acting Dean of the Historic Faculty. Unofficial sources report that V.Fenich after that threatened to apply to the prosecutor’s office, he arose a conflict with almost all the faculty staff (except for Professor R.Ofitsinskiy, who has been appointed one of UzhNU pro-rectors), and threatened to dismiss all the dean’s office staff after F. Vashchuk becomes the rector of UzhNU and appoints him as pro-rector.

Despite the fact that V. Mikolaichuk was appointed as acting rector (according to the former rector Nikolay Vegesh, a creature of ZakGU rector Fedir Vashchuk) V.Fenich did not become a pro-rector. He was appointed as Acting Dean of the Faculty of History by the Order of Acting Rector Nikolaychuk. Nadezhda Keretsman, who then was occupying this post, was offered to become a pro-rector on educational work for one day and then she was asked to return to her native faculty as an associated professor. Commenting on this event, Nikolaychuk said: "The first day of her appointment she said that she would better return to her department".

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