Uzhgorod – without provocations!

Provocations during elections in Uzhgorod are unlikely – experts say.

In particular, there may be aggravation of the situation at certain polling stations, but it is more likely that the elections will be without incidents.

Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor of Political Science and Public Administration of UzhNU Ivan Stryapko predicts that election day will be fairly quiet, but in the evening there may be provocations. "At this time we have an obvious leader – Bogdan Andriyiv – and, in my opinion, the team of Sergey Ratushniak can only try to disrupt the elections. I think that there are agreements between the BPP and the "Vidrodzhennya" on blocking in the Regional Council and may be they include the condition of maintaining law and order on the election day. So I expect a fairly quiet election, but at certain stations there may be incidents’, – Mr. Stryapko said.

Instead, the head of the Transcarpathian Institute for Political Studies, sociologist Victor Pashchenko does not expect that anyone would dare to incite great unrest without the consent of the authorities. "If there is any unrest, then the question is why the government needs destabilization in Transcarpathia", – Mr. Pashchenko said.

Source – Den

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