Uzhgorod will host the First International Mono-Performance Festival “Monologues on the Uzh” (Announcement)

Big theater in a small format. Uzhgorod will host the First International Mono-Performace Festival "Monologues on the Uzh"

"Monologues on the Uzh" is the name of the original artistic idea, which will be implemented in Uzhgorod this September.

The first international theater festival will take place in the regional center of Transcarpathia while the city will be celebrating its birthday.

Interesting and even outstanding stage shows will be taking place from 22 to 26 of September. Every evening, there will be only one actor "living" on the stage, but also the whole world.  

The geography of the guest theaters is as follows: Slovakia, Poland, Romania, Georgia and Ukraine. It is a magnificent gift for our city.

So, note in the calendar:


September 22. Drama "THE VICTIM". Regional Music and Drama Theater Small stage. 19:00

Theater T1. (Lublin, Poland). Actor Mateusz Nowak.

September 23. The play "I AM NIKOLAI GUMILEV!" Theater "Bavka". 19.00

State Academic Russian Drama Theater named after Griboyedov (Tbilisi, Georgia). Actor Ivane Kurasbediani.


September 24. Monodrama "EDIT PIAF". Theater "Bavka". 19.00

Lviv Academic Regional Music and Drama Theater named after Yuriy Drohobych (Drohobych, Ukraine). Written and directed by Olena Dudych.

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September 25. Performance "OLD LADY HATCHING". Regional Music and Drama Theater. Small stage. 17.00

Art workshop "Theater in the basket" (Lviv, Ukraine). Honored Artist of Ukraine Lidiya Danilchuk in the mono-performance based on the text by T. Ruzhevich. Translation by Y. Senchishin.

September 25. Monodrama "THE THIRTEEN WOMAN". Theater "Bavka". 19.30

National Academic Ukrainian Drama Theater Lviv, Ukraine). Written by Theodosia Zarivna. Directed by People’s Artist of Ukraine Alla Babenko. People’s Artist of Ukraine Natalia Lan.

September 25. Monodrama "THE POSTER ARTIST". Uzhgorod castle. 18:00.

Theater "Ararat" (Baia Mare, Romania). Written by Marian Ilja. Directed by and starring Claudiu Piantican.


The first international theater festival "Monologues on the Uzh" is organized by the newspaper "Nedilya.  Zakarpatski Novyny" and the Uzhgorod City Council with the support of the Department of Culture of the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration, the Transcarpathian Academic Ukrainian Music and Drama Theater, Transcarpathian Academic Regional Puppet Theater "Bavka". 

For more information, call: 050 432 05 57. Details are on the page of the Festival "Monologues on the Uzh" on facebook.

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