Uzhgorod Vodokanal accidentally sent out bills with huge debts

This week, residents of the city received from the MU "Uzhgorod Vodokanal" bills with large amounts of debt for water supply and sanitation.

"In this case, it was a failure of the billing system, that we are implementing. Because of that, some bills were formed with mistakes and sent to consumers", – the director of the MU "Uzhgorod Vodokanal" Yuriy Omelyanenko said.

He said that currently, the company employees are withdrawing mistakenly sent bills.

Given the situation, the administration of the MU "Uzhgorod Vodokanal" apologizes to consumers and advises not to pay the wrong bills. Soon Uzhgorod residents will be sent bills with corrected amounts of payments for water supply and sanitation services.

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