Uzhgorod utilities promise to repair the damages on the Hill of Glory very soon

Regarding the damage to the memorial plaque and the Eternal Flame Star on the monument to the fallen heroes in Uzhgorod, we inform that after the publication on the Internet, the head of the MU “Uzhgorod Public Utilities Plant” Anatoliy Sukholov and the investigative team of Uzhgorod police department inspected the Kalvaria cemetary.

According to Anatoliy Sukholov, some damages appeared after winter, however, he does not rule out that someone could have damaged the glass, because it is known that young people often gather in Kalvaria in the evenings.

Law enforcement officers are establishing if there was an act of vandalism, the employees of the utilities have already removed the broken glass and in a few days will restore the Eternal Flame Star.

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