Uzhgorod Ukrposhta to postmen: work for less wages or resign (document)

Postmen of the Ukrposhta in Uzhgorod received warnings that on March 1, 2017, their rate would be reduced from 1 to 0.9. They do it to avoid paying the minimum wage of 3200 UAH.

This decision was disclosed by Transcarpathian journalist Vitaliy Glagola on his page on Facebook. The post office worker, who informed the journalist about the "innovation", said that after the changes, the amount of work would remain the same. Those, who disagree with it, will be fired.

The Ukrposhta gave their postmen an ultimatum: either we’ll reduce your wages or you resign.
Although the postmen in the New Year will be paid more than now, but still less than the promised minimal wages of 3200 UAH. 


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