Uzhgorod turned into a skating rink. For an hour?

Uzhgorod downtown is covered with ice. In an hour the traffic situation will be better – representatives of the city council promised the Zaholovok

Due to weather conditions – low freezing temperature and sleet – an ice crust formed on the streets.

Uzhgorod became an ice skating rink and pedestrians even in the city center have to spend a lot of time to go a small distance.

Some streets in the downtown are sprinkled with a little sand, but it is still extremely difficult to walk.

In the city council they say that in an hour the situation on the roads should be better.

"To resolve the situation on the city roads, all housing service have been engaged, janitors already started to sprinkle streets with sand. Because of the strong icy conditions they also sprinkle near-building areas.  At 14 am the municipal services were ordered to regulate the situation on the roads. They sprinkle not only the central part of the city, but all the streets. The result will be seen in about an hour", – says the head of the improvement division of the Municipal Economy Department of Uzhgorod City Council Oleksandr Turyanchyk. 

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