Uzhgorod trash is to be removed, thanks to stray dogs

The mayor deputy Vitaliy Semal promised yesterday, April, 3, to bring order with rubbish bins in order to settle the “dogs” issues in the town. The fact is that the waste products attract stray dogs, who gather around the garbage bins behaving aggressively and throwing the stuff around.

At present, City Hall has developed the program of regulation of the number of homeless animals and their humane. According to the project dogs will live temporarily in the shelter, until the people are found, who will decide to take care of them. In Uzhgorod, it is not only being planned to solve the problem of rubbish, but also to create a common register of animals, to manage the call center work and to fine for neglecting animals. As soon as the program is to be discussed at the city executive committee, and in case it is approved, next year the dogs’ shelter in Uzhgorod will be equipped. 

Currently, there are about a hundred stray dogs in the regional center. According to the chief of the department of epidemic work of the Veterinary Medicine in Transcarpathian Region Yulia Shimon, this year has already been registered 8 cases of rabies among pets and 4 of them – dogs.

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