Uzhgorod train station was “mined” by a resident of Luhansk region

August 16, at 14.30, the officer on duty at the station Uzhgorod reported to the police that they had received a phone call informing that in half an hour there would be a bomb on the territory of the railway station.

The inspection of the railway station in Uzhgorod was completed at 16.50 by the police bomb squad, the report of the check for the explosive devices was drawn up, according to which no explosives were found at the facility. According to updated information, 200 people and 30 members of the staff of the station were evacuated from the territory of Uzhgorod railway station. There were no complaints from passengers.

Following the conducted search activities, it was revealed that the anonymous phone call was made from Luhansk region, Perevalsk district, the village of Mykhailivka. 

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