Uzhgorod traffic cops to be armed with GPS and cameras

Official cars of Uzhgorod traffic police will be equipped with cameras and GPS system. This was said on air on the TV channel "Tisa-1" by the chief of Uzhgorod traffic police department Alexey Spivak.

"Navigators provide an opportunity to analyze working day of subordinates, – says Alexey Spivak. – We can trace the route, speed and stops of official cars".

CCTV, which is carried out from the police cars, is a kind of protection for officers. According to the chief traffic police officer of Uzhgorod, it allows to restore an objective situation when dealing with drivers. "You know that electronic media are full of videos, in which the police look unworthy. Cameras, installed in cars, will show how it really is"- says Alexey Spivak.

At the same time, the chief has agreed that the installation of cameras is a kind of counter-checking in the system of relations between policemen and drivers. However, he refused to call the range and radius of the video recording. "The cameras are of high quality and they will show everything that is necessary", – said Alexey Spivak.

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