Uzhgorod, tomorrow we are welcoming heroes! (Preliminary information)

On the page "Support the army of Ukraine (Transcarpathia)", the coordinator of the Movement to support Transcarpathian soldiers Galina Yartseva posted an important message.

She writes:

"According to yet unconfirmed information, tomorrow, September 13, we will welcome our infantry in Uzhgorod. Please repost, I request for an adequate reaction of the authorities and the military command. PLEASE, do not meet guys secretly, but in the center of the city as real heroes. Who fought like lions in the Luhansk airport and in the city of Shchastya."

Once we have the details, we will let you know. But we should already prepare flowers and other things that will delight our heroes. The main thing is our warm emotions to show that we have been waiting for and proud of them.

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