Uzhgorod third-graders present a CD with their own stories! (Announcement)

Creative Uzhgorod third grade pupils of the fourth school in Uzhgorod, where they study Slovak language, prepared another presentation under the direction of creative teacher Jan Pohanic.

This time it is not a book, unlike the past two years, when at the end of the school season, they would present new works with pictures in elegant editions. It is a multimedia product! Students recorded on the disc their fairy-tales, stories, poems which they wrote and recited themselves. There’s also music and sounds of classroom life, such as the bell of their school. Nothing like this has ever been done in schools of Slovakia or Ukraine – the creative director and mastermind of the project, Mr. Jan says.

So the children together with the teacher invite journalists to be guests at their holiday – the presentation of the disc "Third-graders on CD" (Tretiaci na CD), to be held on Wednesday, May 27, at 16.30 at the "Uzhgorod" hotel, and will be glad to share their art!

tretiaci na CD - CD


tretiaci na CD - obal CD


pozvanka na krst CD

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