Uzhgorod still stays without “new outfit”. Where are the school, kindergarten and bridge promised by the Mayor?

Victor Pogorelov entered into his second mayor term with ambitious plans. And at the end of 2010, the election year, with the newly elected deputies he decided to build a new school in Uzhgorod, a kindergarten and a bridge over the Uzh.

The City Hall sounding promises to start construction of the school and kindergarten in Uzhgorod as early as the next year were backed with the appearance of activity: Pogorelov conducted meetings, took journalists to the sites where, according to him, in a few years new educational buildings would be erected.

"Uzhgorod in general and this particular neighborhood need these institutions. We will do everything possible to make kindergarten and school meet the highest standards, and with adequate funding already in 2014 they will be open to Uzhgorod children", – Victor Pogorelov said.

The Uzhgorod budget for 2012 provided for expenditures on the development of design and estimate documentation for the school – 200,000 UAH, and for the kindergarten – 300,000 UAH.

In her comment to the "Zamok" then chief financier, and now the Secretary of the City Council, the Deputy Mayor Svitlana Korol said that the construction of the school for 1,000 pupils in the "Bozdosh" neighborhood would have been completed during the current term of the city government.

However, each year the funds allocated in the budget for design work were redistributed to other purposes. That is, building plans remained on paper. Later, commenting on this to journalists, Pogorelov said that the money could not have been preserved while court proceedings regarding the land, which was planned for the construction of an educational complex, continued.While on the other hand, earlier they said that there were no problems with the law.

In this year’s Uzhgorod budget they again provided for funds for the construction of the school and kindergarten in the "Bozdosh" neighborhood – 200,000 and 300,000 UAH respectively, and another 700,000 UAH – for the development of design and estimate documentation for the construction of a pedestrian bridge over the Uzh.

How much money these projects require in general will be known only after the production of project estimates. While earlier they had promised to put them into operation as early as in 2014, now, in response to the "Zamok’s" request for information, they reported: "The date of commissioning depends on when the funding will be available. Estimated terms are as follows: the construction of the school for 1,000 pupils in the "Bozdosh" neighbourhood – by 2016, the construction of the kindergartens for 200 children in the "Bozdosh" neighbourhood – by 2016."

When running for the Mayor of Uzhgorod for the second time, Pogorelov called the construction of the new train station and the transport Bozdosh bridge his own merit, although he had had nothing to do with them. It seems that this time he will have absolutely nothing to boast.

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