Uzhgorod short will take part in the Cannes Film Festival

A short film «Montjoie», filmed in Uzhgorod, became an official member of Cannes Court Métrage – Cannes Short Film Festival – the most prestigious film festival in the world, said

After watching the movie the Cannes Film Festival organizing committee sent an official confirmation of participation in the festival competition to the authors and invited them to Cannes.

Thus, the film was the first work done by Uzhgorod citizens, which will take part in Cannes Court Métrage. Camera operators of the film are Vladimir Tverdokhlib, Mikhail Kvak and Tomi Bodow (the latter also appeared as an actor).

‘We are alive as long as a child lives in us’, said director and writer Dmitry Motaylenko speaking about the main idea of his film.
This year’s festival will run from 16 to 27 May.

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