Uzhgorod residents will take part in Ice Bucket Challenge

Uzhgorod takes Ice Bucket Challenge. We, Uzhgorod residents, have been challenged by the city of Chop, who held a similar flash mob, as reported in social networks.

The funds raised during the campaign will be used to buy medicines or will be transferred to the accounts of the ATO participants, the organizers of the flash mob wrote.To participate in the campaign, bring (or buy) a 5-liter bottle of water and a bucket or a bowl. Also you may want to bring changing clothes. And, of course, the amount that you want to or can donate to our army.

Location: Uzhgorod

The beginning is on September 28 at 14:00

 Recall, Ice Bucket Challenge is a campaign with charitable goal. Flashmob gained popularity in social networks in August 2014. In Ukraine, it became popular in late August.


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