Uzhgorod residents will decide how Narodna Square should look like

The further fate of the "reconstruction" of Narodna Square should be decided by the community of Uzhgorod, – the head of the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration Vasyl Hubal believes. "It is the regional center residents, artists, historians, architects who should tell the government how Narodna Square should look like" – the head of the region said.

 In turn, the regional council chairman Ivan Baloha says that "reconstructors" of the square – the chief of the Commercial Department of the Regional State Administration Vasyl Schneider and the director of the House Management Department of the Regional State Administration Volodymyr Beley – should be fired. "If the works were performed flawlessly, no one would have any complaints. Instead, we have an impassable square. Unique Czech pavement blocks were thrown away, now they are stored in bags in the yard of the administration. The quality of the "reconstruction" is low. Therefore, the community of the city has to decide what Narodna Square will look like" – Baloha said. 

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