Uzhgorod residents will be told about family income in a market economy conditions (ANNOUNCEMENT)

On Wednesday, November 15, at 5:00 pm,  a free training "Sources of family income in market economy conditions" within the framework of the "Financial School" will be held in the Transcarpathian Regional Universal Scientific Library (Svoboda Ave., 16).

The main library of the region together with teachers of the Faculty of Economics of UzhNU continues to implement the new project "Financial School", during which users of the library have the opportunity to gain some knowledge on finances.    The next event under this project will be the training "Sources of family income in market economy conditions", during which the participants will learn about:

  • 25 sources of income in the family;
  • In what cases the state refunds the paid taxes

The training will be conducted by Hanna Kostyovyat, lecturer of the Department of Finance and Banking of UzhNU and Yuriy Kushnir, Candidate of Science (Economics), assistant professor of the Department of Economic Theory of UzhNU.

Admission is free!

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