Uzhgorod residents will be taught how to communicate with “Sergeant Petrenko”

What to say during a conversation that starts with the words "How do you do! Sergeant Petrenko"? We have the answers! "The police for you or you for the police? How to protect yourself from illegal police actions" – the seminar under such title will be held in the regional capital of Transcarpathia.

It will be conducted by representatives of the UHRM Association (Ukrainian Human Rights Monitors) to help all who wish to learn how to behave with the police.

During the master class, the participants will get answers to common questions that arise when dealing with the police.

The participants will be able to share their experiences with the police and get a comment on the legality of their actions. In addition, the participants will receive reference materials about the sequence of actions in different situations involving the police, which will help feel more confident no matter what.

The event will take place on 27 and 28 of May, at 18:30, in the Transcarpathian community center (Sobranetska st., 3) – the organizers inform on the event’s page on facebook and invite to register.

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