Uzhgorod residents heard Malinin’s songs in Ukrainian and even a lively Chardash

With the Uzhgorod show on April 21 Alexander Malinin finished his small West-Ukrainian tour. The Philharmonic Concert Hall was filled completely. 

Malinin said that this year was a jubillee for him – 25 years since after his performance at the "Jurmala" he became a "lyricist" – until then Alexander had been a rocker. Also this fall Malinin turns 55.

In Uzhgorod the National Artist of Russia (and since 2004, of Ukraine) performed many Soviet-era hits, new songs, including "Two Souls", which he sang with Elena Vaenga and many Ukrainian songs. Those were ballads ("Dark Eyes, "Moonlight Night", etc.) and lively songs. All of them he performed in a special, a little different from the "classical" style.

During the concert they could even purchase a disc with Ukrainian songs. Obviously, the repertoire was well thought out especially for Uzhgorod fans, as one of the singer’s masterly guitar players played a lively Chardash. 

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