Uzhgorod residents are surprised with the sudden change of weather (PHOTOS)

The storm that suddenly swept over the regional center did not leave its citizens indifferent. They immediately began to record its manifestations and share the photos.

Mostly, they share emotions of seeing the first hail in this year. That, in particular, was reported by Oleksandr Koval in his facebook profile.


Oleksandr Korobko took a picture of a large hailstone.


Slava Svitlynets compared the traffic on a flooded street to a regatta


Uzhgorod is like Venice – Tetyana Lemak claims and confirms it with the picture.


Igor Baran recorded hailstones in his garden, using a watch for comparison – you can see them on the photos posted in the "Uzhgorod" group


And this sight was recorded by Transcarpathian journalist Anastasia Nozhka

анастасія ножка

Meanwhile, the sun is again shining over the city. In any case, the downpour in the city confirmed two things: in Uzhgorod there are problems with stormwater drains, and rubber boots must be in everybody’s wardrobe.

And while the capital of Transcarpathia did not suffer considerable damages, in Vynogradiv district the consequences are grave – the hail destroyed the crops, at least, Ivan Tupytsya’s pictures from the agricultural district give such impression.

виноградів 2
виногрдадыв 3

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