Uzhgorod residents are invited to the summer pottery school

The classes will be held in the Uzhgorod open-air museum. The organizers announced the details of the event. 
We invite all interested children and adults aged 6 and older, who would like to learn about the traditions of making ceramic tableware in Transcarpathia, as well as try themselves in one of the oldest crafts – pottery, to participate in the Summer School of Pottery. Classes at the Summer School of Pottery will be held every Sunday. In total, 4 classes will be held, and upon completion of the School, each participant will receive two products made by themselves: a traditional Transcarpathian cup and an original product. Well-known Uzhgorod master Andriy Zubenko will be teaching pottery. The price of one lesson is UAH 200 (UAH 40 – ticket to the museum, UAH 160 – master’s services). Under the careful guidance of a master, you will learn how to make cups on a potter’s wheel, learn about the methods of decoration and glazing, as well as firing of finished ceramic products. Classes will begin on August 16 and will take place in the pottery workshop of the open-air museum. 
In order to become a participant of the Summer School of Pottery, you have to register at…/1IWksiQnAd1VNjbvXB3m-0VU441K…/edit. Applications are accepted until August 15. 
Photo by Andriy Zubenko 


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