Uzhgorod residents are invited to the spring get-together “Maisya Fest!”

The third "MAISYA FEST!" will be held on May 7-8  in the Bozdosh park. This festival is conceived as a festival of proper recreation for children and adults, fun spring get-together, a kind of festival-picnic.
The planned events are:
– Opening of the park season – swings, merry-go-rounds and everything else;
– Stage sound – performances of any artists, from kids to rock groups;
– Big children’s zone with locations ranging from camps, language schools, developmental centers with the presentations of their services and programs for the summer;
– Sport competitions and demonstrations – adults and children;
– Entertainment program – contests, fun competitions;
– Quest, photozones, master classes, exhibitions – anything that can be in the park in May;
– Sale of hand-made and souvenirs, yard sale;
– Barbecue, bograch, baked potatoes – the main attributes of all Transcarpathian festivals :), can’t do without them;
– Interesting street, or rather park, food – wanted;
– Volunteer zone of the Movement to support Transcarpathian soldiers – raising money for the army, lottery, souvenirs, etc.;
– Separate area for picnics;
– Weekend, fresh air and good mood!
"We are working on the program and content – the organizers wrote. – Help us! Do you have ideas about what else can be at the festival? Share them!"

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