Uzhgorod residents are called to feed ducks so that birds could survive the winter

Birds that are used to living in the city now, when a real winter has come, are having a hard time. Last year also drew attention to the city wild ducks that adorn the downtown. 

Some people occasionally feed them from the bridge. But right now they need help. Natalia Hnes on her page in Facebook calls to take care of the birds on Uzh. 

"Dear citizens of the city! Do not forget to feed the ducks on Uzh, lest they all die. They say that through the winter 80 percent of their population die because of hunger. They have grown up here in the city and are not trained to fly away to warm land. It would be very good if the City Council took care of it, this issue takes only 2,000 UAH per month, and it could save many souls and bring joy to adults and children" – the woman says.

And while we can only hope for the help from the authorities, why not just take a little bread or even grain to help feathered inhabitants of Uzhgorod survive the winter? .. Also, duck feeding with children may well become an exciting and pleasant winter tradition.

Last year, in February they organized a whole operation for the salvation of Uzhgorod ducks. 

Uzhgorod Mikolajczyk also calls to save our birds.

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