“Uzhgorod Regatta” invites to participate.

It is the traditional for Uzhgorod gay sporting event – rafting down the Uzh river on floating crafts of various designs. 

"Uzhgorod Regatta 2014" will be held on Sunday, July 27, the event page on Facebook reports. 
Any non-motorized floating crafts – boats, inflatable boats, rafts, etc. – are invited to participate. Home-made design, original decor and costumes are welcomed. 
The registration is at 15:30 to 16:45 
The start is at 17:00
The number of crew members is not limited, but the "ship" must finish with a full crew. 
The contribution from one "ship" is 50 UAH. Contributions will be used for the prize pool. 
Following the Regatta, winners in the following categories will be awarded: 
"The Flying Dutchman" (the fastest ship)
"Jolly Roger" (the most original ship) 
"Black Cuttlefish" (the fastest ship among the original ones)
"Noah’s Ark" (the largest crew) 
This year, "Uzhgorod Regatta" is not limited just to race. At the finish of the race, various competitions and contests will be held. 
1. The organizers have the right to deny anyone to participate in the regatta without explanation. 
2. In case of poor weather or state of the river, the regatta can be moved to a later date, which will be announced.

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