Uzhgorod police no longer minds a disco in the “Panorama”

Members of Uzhgorod city hall approved the non-stop mode of operation for 2 entrepreneurs in the night club "Panorama".

As you know, in December, members of the executive committee denied the same businessmen such approval at the request of the police.

This time, Uzhgorod police chief Kalynych, who is also a member of the Executive Committee, had no objections to the draft decision.

By another decision, members of the executive committee made the first step to the liquidation of the Housing Area number 1.

The final decision is to be taken by deputies. If the housing office is liquidated, the building in the center of Uzhgorod between Petofi Sq., 24-26 and Novak st., 10 will become vacant. The building, which previously housed the military draft office, apparently can be prepared for sale.

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