Uzhgorod officials reported that the average salary in the city had increased to 2.5 thousand

At today’s meeting of Uzhgorod executive committee, which has just ended, they summarized the socio-economic development of the city and reported on the execution of the program.

As the Head of the Economics Department Mykhailo Stankovich reported, within 9 months of 2012, the average salary in the city rose to 2522 UAH, 152 new jobs were created and turnover increased by over 2 million. Meanwhile, the wages debts of Uzhgorod enterprises fell to 739,000, which is one million less than in January 2012.

However, according to Svitlana Korol, deputy mayor and head of the financial administration of the City Council, the budget debt only for repairs of roads is five million hryvnias.

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