Uzhgorod municipal police is idle?

A new rule for establishing signboards in Uzhgorod was brought to action on April 1, but it seems that all businessmen are not aware of the need to replace the huge signs and banners to a neat advertisement of their establishment.
A positive example showed a private notary office on Dovzhenko street, where just a few weeks ago there was a strikingly huge sign on the facade of the old house. Now (on the picture), the facade is painted and a neat sign indicates that a notary is working there.

Изображение 003

However, ‘Oxy Bank’ on Druzhby Narodov square, advertises itself very negatively. They have nearly covered the wall of a house with a huge banner, and don’t seem to be thinking of taking it off.

It is municipal police who should warn entrepreneurs of the responsibility for a failure to comply with the Rules of placing signboards, but as long as their boss, Boris Borisov is on leave at the moment, his deputy does absolutely nothing to restore order in the city.
Thus, instead of a scandalous 5D attraction booth on Koryatovicha square there appeared stalls with radishes, and in front of the ‘green’ market trade is flourishing.

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