Uzhgorod Mayor Victor Pogorelov would not mind selling everything in the city for just 1 UAH

"The position of the Mayor: sell everything possible for 1 UAH – said the Mayor of Uzhgorod, when asked what he thought about the selling of the "Crown" complex. – The "Crown" can be restored within two to three years. It requires a lot of money to be invested. My position may not coincide with the position of those who see an opportunity to make some cash here. However, I want the abandoned buildings to be restored. This includes the "Chervena Ruzha" and our factories." 
According to the mayor, bargaining on such problematic objects may avert the investors. Such was the case with dry cleaning. "We keep reducing the building price, but still can not sell it. Now we will hold another auction and again lower the price" – explained Pogorelov.
As an example of the reasonableness of his position Pogorelov mentioned the hotel "Uzhgorod", which was given to private hands during his previous mayoral term. "There were many conversations, various conjectures. But they were not true, and today we see that the investor who bought the right to privatize the hotel has already invested about 2 million. The hotel became modern and adorns the city – concluded the mayor. 

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