Uzhgorod mayor complained to the Ministry of Justice about comparing him with a bad workman

Today, on July 27, an extraordinary meeting of the Executive Committee took place in Uzhgorod. It was convened specifically to adopt an appeal to the Minister of Justice and the Chairman of the Transcarpathian Regional Administration on the check of activities of the State executive service in Transcarpathian region.

Yesterday the chief of Executive Service Natalia Panova commented on this situation, today the representatives of Uzhgorod city authorities could say their word too. I must say that nobody spoke of the blocked accounts this time. Now officials expressed themselves more wisely adding that the Executive Office actually had seized all the property of Uzhgorod City Council, because being a legal entity it has no accounts.

According to Victor Pogorelov, Natalia Panova distorted the facts and deliberately blocked the work of the City Council, having arrested all the assets, instead of the one proposed, because of what now auctions, leases etc. cannot be held.  "I’m not talking about the boorish attitude of Ms. Panova" – said the mayor. – Her yesterday’s comparison of me with a worker who blames his tools only shows that she is bad mannered".

Finally, members of the Executive Committee unanimously voted for the appeal to the Minister of Justice and the head of Transcarpathian Regional Administration on the illegal work of the State Executive Office management in Transcarpathian region. Interestingly, Natalia Panova’s brother, Chubirko Vladimir, who is also a member of the Executive Committee, was absent at the meeting.

In the phone conversation with, Ms. Natalia commented the Board’s decision as follows: "There are no competent lawyers in the City Council therefore there is no sense in commenting on the explanation of the city officials.

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