Uzhgorod Master Plan: still more questions than answers

How much territory in Uzhgorod will be reserved for green areas? Where will the estate development be allowed? What kind of innovations will be in transport interchanges? Why does the Master Plan not provide for cycling infrastructure? What about the limits of the city? These are just some of the issues raised by participants of the meeting on adjustment of the Master Plan of the regional center that was held in Uzhgorod Press Club.
The discussions took place in the circle of journalists and civil society activists. Together they closely reviewed the Master Plan, which currently raises more questions than answers.

For example, they want to know what new buildings, according to the map, are provided in the Bozdosh park, what will be near the bypass road and what they are going to do with the territory around the lake, known to Uzhgorod residents as that "at the brickyard." The participants are interested not only in cycling infrastructure, but also whether the city will have enough green areas.

In Uzhgorod, the discussion of the adjustment of the Master Plan continues, you can send your suggestions and comments in the city Architecture and Urban Planning department by e-mail.
Also, as have informed, Baranyntsi village council complain to government and supervisory authorities regarding the city limits, provided by the new Master Plan.
Following the meeting at the press club, the questions from journalists and the public will be collected and forwarded to the city Department of Architecture and Urban Planning. will turn to the Chief Architect Oleksandr Sheba for a detailed comment on the Master Plan.

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