Uzhgorod markets will be disinfected from April 18 to April 24

Today, at the extraordinary meeting of the technogenic and environmental safety and emergencies committee chaired by the Mayor Bohdan Andriyiv, they decided to recommend to introduce sanitary measures for disinfection at the markets of Uzhgorod from 4 pm tomorrow, April 18 until April 24.
Representatives of the Uzhgorod city office of the State Consumer Service in Transcarpathian region together with the Uzhgorod department of the National Police in Transcarpathian region will be checking how the sanitary and epidemic legislation and the quarantine restrictions imposed due to the spread of the coronavirus are adhered to.
The units of the State Emergencies Service and the police should continue to notify the population on the streets of Uzhgorod about the necessity to stay at home and comply with quarantine requirements.

Press Service of the Uzhgorod City Council

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