Uzhgorod “Kinokl” is going to Košice!

The presentation of the "Kinokl" project as well as the screening of the film "KINO" (2015) by Oleksiy Umansky will take place on October 14 in Košice.

This was announced by the initiator and author himself on the page of the event. The event will be held on October 14 at 16:00 in the premises of the Culture Factory "Tabacka".

"It is a cultural event, which is intended to present the cinematic Transcarpathia to our neighbors. It turns out, we have common interests. And the movie "The Line" about the Ukrainian-Slovak border set box office record in Slovakia and is nominated for Oscars.

This event will consist of the following program:

1. Presentation of the "Kinokl" project. It is a kind of workshop with the audience. They will be able to make soundtrack for fragments of various films using various subjects, as well as their own voices. 

2. To make this project international, we have decided to distribute responsibilities. The Slovak audience will record sounds for the Ukrainian film "Shadows of forgotten ancestors", Ukrainians (if present) will record sounds for a fragment of the Slovak film "Zahrada".

3. After recording all the sounds we need, it will take time for my assistant to combine it with video. While he is doing editing work, we will watch the documentary film "KINO" (2015), which tells about Transcarpathia which is featured in many interesting films.

4. After the show, the footage with the sounds recorded with the audience will be ready. The audience will become participants in the making of video content, which other people will be able to see online later."

This is the plan! If you are in Kosice, come and invite your Slovak friends! And on October 15th, the "Kinokl" will be in Presov…

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