Uzhgorod kids start Wonderrace (PROGRAM)

Wonderrace program:
– 12-00 – 13-00 – Registration
– 12-00 – 16-00 – master class on making of child wallet, playground, board games for adults and children, a charity event "New life of old bike"
– 13-00 – 15-00 – races
– 15-00 – 16-00 – sweet snack, awarding of participants (EVERYONE is awarded!)
Autumn "Wonderrace" also invites participants on roller blades!
At the previous race the charity event "New life of old bike" was initiated. So if you have an old bike and ready to give it to a good cause, please bring bicycles along on "Wonderrace."
"Wonderrace" is an event that is scheduled in advance so the organizers kindly ask everyone willing to participate to undergo pre-registration.
Registration for participation, cooperation, sponsorship proposals, and details – at and by phone 095 574-83-38 (Anna).

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