Uzhgorod is the worst city to find a job

Top richest Ukrainian cities were recently defined by magazine Focus.

According to the periodical, Kyiv is the most convenient city for employment, because it has better situation with jobs than other localities and the lowest unemployment rate. Along with the capital stand Kharkiv (49) and Donetsk (48) which also have a lot of job offers.

Yalta (15) and Uzhgorod (18)have the lowest scores in the number of vacancies among the cities included in the rating of the richest cities.

The capital is also doing better than others in its struggle with unemployment. Unemployed people constitute 0.4% of the population. Equal figure is also valid for Odessa.

The highest unemployment rate is in Sumy (1.63%), which got 13 points and Ivano-Frankivsk (1.74%) – 9 points.


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